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GigDog and the 30A Songwriters Festival Together Again!


Media Contact: J.R. Gentle, 434-466-2317, jrgentle@gigdog.fm  _________________________________________________________________________________________________

GigDog and the 30A Songwriters Festival Together Again! 

Charlottesville, VA (November 5, 2015)GigDog is teaming up with 30A for the fourth year in a row to present the “30A Songwriters Festival” radio station.  GigDog will have a streaming radio station on the festival website featuring music from the 150 songwriters who will be performing during the 30A Songwriters Festival from January 15-17, 2016.  Listeners will be able to discover the music of the festival’s performers from the comfort of their own homes or the convenience of their mobile devices.  In addition to hearing the music weeks in advance of the festival, GigDog will offer listeners a chance to track the performance time and location of their favorite 30A acts through its online calendar while highlighting some of 30A’s best venues such as the WaterColor Resort, Pandora’s, and 723 Whiskey Bravo.  GigDog’s station for the 30A Songwriters Festival can be found here: http://30aswf.gigdog.fm/.

The 30A Songwriters Festival will feature more than 150 songwriters and 200 musical performances over a three-day span.  This year’s headliner is the amazing Jackson Browne.  Other confirmed artists include Grace Potter, Ani DiFranco, Shawn Mullins, Chris Stills, Davin McCoy, Deana Carter, Liz Longley and a host of local, national and international songwriters. The over 20 venues participating in the festival range from intimate listening rooms to spacious outdoor amphitheaters, each one located on scenic Highway 30A in North Florida.  The 30A Songwriters Festival is co-produced by the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County (CAA) and Russell Carter Artist Management, and is presented by Visit South Walton and the Grand Boulevard Town Center.  All of the net proceeds from the 30A Songwriters Festival will benefit the CAA and help them fulfill their mission to support the arts throughout Walton County.

GigDog is an entertainment and promotion company that uses online radio to stream music from local and touring artists with upcoming performances in any of its six featured cities.  GigDog allows listeners to discover local music while empowering local artists to find new outlets for performing and sharing their music.  Founded in the summer of 2012 in the Darden Business School Incubator, GigDog is a privately-held company headquartered in Charlottesville, VA.

For more information on the 2016 30A Songwriters Festival, including a full list of artists, venues, and ticket purchase information, visit http://www.30asongwritersfestival.com. For more information on GigDog, please contact info@gigdog.fm or visit http://www.gigdog.fm.


Mary Bragg Comes to Cville!

The Lovely Mary Bragg plays the Pink Warehouse this Friday night!!

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The GigDog 2015 30A Songwriters Festival Station


Facebook-woth-headlinersGigDog is proud to announce that for the third year in a row, we will be providing a Streaming Music station for the 30A Songwriters Festival inSanta Rosa Beach, Florida. With such great Artists like Graham Nash, Jason Isbell and the The Indigo Girls, it is shaping up once again to be a Fabulous Time on the Beach. You can LISTEN NOW to hear all the great songwriters heading to Florida in Jan!



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We Are GigDog

We Are GigDog

GigDog was founded on a very simple premise. To promote the amazing music of bands that weren’t being heard. GigDog’s goal is to make it easier for music lovers to become familiar with up-and-coming artists, and to make them aware of the great music experiences happening right outside their door. When GigDog’s journey began, two incredible facts became readily apparent. The first was that the music that surrounds us is even more amazing than anyone could have imagined. The second was that this very same music was disappearing…. rapidly.

In our technological rush into the 21st century we expected this rising tide to lift all boats. Technology was supposed to make everything easier, faster, and more convenient. And it did… but only for the consumers of music, not the creators of music. Technology can, and has, done a lot for musicians. But no technology can take the place of dedicating hours, days, weeks, months and years to honing a craft that is at once intensely personal and yet, at the same time, must be shared. This dedication has given us Ray Charles, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Michael Jackson, The Eagles, Aretha Franklin, James Taylor, The Indigo Girls and Bob Marley. Their music and the music of countless others are the soundtrack of our lives, and our lives are much richer because of them. This is what musicians do. They create music. They create music experiences. They create beautiful melodies and if we are lucky, they share this with us all. We all know the value of music and the beauty musicians add to our lives. This is why it’s important for us to realize that musicians cannot create great music and at the same time become experts in Marketing, Promotion, Sales, Sound engineering and Sound Mastering. We have come to assume that technology is doing all of that for them. It is not. A few have found a way to use technology to their advantage, but the vast majority simply do not have the time or resources to master all the skills needed to make a living as a musician in this new reality. As is the case for most things, in order to thrive, musicians need support…..now more than ever.

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We trust that in the wake of perusing data about how to compose an exposition, they will be somewhat less demanding and less complex for you to compose and that you get great scores for them.

GigDog will help change all of that. GigDog is building a platform where music lovers and music makers can connect to create amazing experiences. GigDog will provide the Marketing and Promotion that artists need to be heard. We will use technology as a tool, not as a destination. We will use technology to connect, inform, and expose music lovers to all the incredibly talented artists performing right outside their front door. We will encourage and support artists by establishing a fund with 10% of all GigDog’s profit going exclusively into this fund. The sole purpose of the GigBack Musicians Investment Project is to help dedicated musicians we promote on our platform gain the exposure they deserve, and have access to resources that they need to begin their own legacies. We are passionate about helping musicians achieve their goals because we understand that all of humanity benefits when artists can focus on their craft, and it is up to all of us to support what is so vital to our mutual happiness. Help GigDog help the musicians. Help GigDog bring music back.

J.R. Gentle